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Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed

Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed
Mattress sold separately
Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed
Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed
Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed

Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed


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Our Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is a perfect choice to sleep in style whether you’re near 
the pool, on a beach or just in your own garden oasis. The Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is made
using strong, sustainably sourced Iroko or Sapele hardwoods. It's important to us that we make the
effort to reduce our carbon footprint. The highly resilient properties of the Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed 
assures its sturdiness in the outdoor environment, so you can have peace of mind when relaxing in
your garden, villa or holiday home. Our outdoor bed will arrive to you flat packed, meaning that it can
easily be assembled on site or wherever you wish to construct your Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed.


The main appeal of our stylish Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is that it can be used in practically any
conditions as it’s made from a strong composite material. Not only is this bed perfect for the
outdoors, but it also maintains the same stylish design and appearance of our quality
four poster beds. This outdoor bed is completely weatherproof, meaning that it will be
completely unaffected by rainy conditions. 
This makes the Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed a brilliant choice for any location, 
no matter whether it’s on a beach, beside a pool or simply just in your back garden.
The sustainable hardwoods that this outdoor bed can be made from are coated in a UV
resistant finish, 
ensuring that your bed won’t overheat or become damaged in the
intense sunlight. The design is also flexible as you can decide whether you want a canopy
on or off.

19 quality production takes for each outdoor four poster bed

Handmade in our workshop in Leicester with our expert craftsmen, your Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed
undergoes over 19 production stages by hand and quality assurance in order for the bed to be built
to perfection. We’re so confident in the quality and sturdiness of your outdoor bed that we offer an
1-year structural guarantee. The Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is also resistance to scratches and
marks, which adds to its robust nature.
Outdoor Bed with full bespoke bed design options

As a result of our beds being handmade we are able to provide a bespoke service.  So if you wish
to make any custom size alterations then one of our expert craftsmen can do this for you. We currently
only offer our Bali Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed in white,this is because white reflects heat, resulting in your
outdoor bed remaining cool throughout the summer.For additional finishes, please contact our customer
service team who will advise you.


We always strive to ensure our production methods and material choices are sustainable and meet our own
strict environmental goals. It's for this reason we have chosen to use sustainable Iroko and Sapele for the outdoor four
poster bed. Not only does this support environmental sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint, but by
using these hardwoods our craftsmen are able to handcraft a hard-wearing and durable bed frame. 

We know a solid outdoor bed frame is just half the story. So we've created a new innovative and specially 
designed Bali Waterproof Mattress to accompany our outdoor bed collection. Every detail has been designed to provide a
comfortable, hard-wearing mattress by using durable foam technology that is weather resistant without comprising
the comfort you expect of an indoor mattress. The fabric shares the same durable nature while being soft to the touch.
Below are further benefits offered by our exlusively designed outdoor mattress:
Light Fastness - fade resistant
Colour Fastness - saline & chlorine durable
Stain Resist - soil, stain and water repellent
Learn more about our waterproof mattress.
(Please note, waterproof mattress is sold separately)


In order to ensure that your Bali Waterproof Mattress is well protected, we have a special product dedicated to protecting
it from spills, stains and other substances. It's soft, comfortable and machine washable. It can also be tumble dried, without
the fear of shrinking in either. It's UV resistant, fade resistant and will stand the test of time alongside the
Bali Outdoor Four Poster Bed. This bottom sheet will extend the life of your waterproof mattress, and will make you want to
spend even more time on it.

To find out more about our Bali Towelling Cocoon Bedsheet, get in touch with our customer services department.
(Sold separately to Bali Outdoor Bed collection and Bali Weatherproof Mattresses)


We know one size and design doesn't fit all. So our designers have crafted a selection of different
designs for you to choose from. Our outdoor collection includes customer favourites as: The Bali Outdoor
Low Bed, and Bali Outdoor Modern Day Bed present alternative styles.

Low Four Poster Wooden Bed Frame Schematic Sizes Drawing



Bed Size
2ft 6" Small Single
3ft Single
3ft 6" Petite Double
4ft Small Double
4ft 6" Standard Double
5ft King Size
5ft 6" Small Super King
6ft Super King
6ft 6" Eastern King
7ft Emperor
7ft 6" Super Emperor
8ft Caesar
9ft Super Caesar
EU Single 90 x 200cm
EU Double 140 x 200cm
EU King 160 x 200cm
EU Super King 180 x 200cm
Mattress Size
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 6" x6ft 3" 76cmx190cm
3ftx6ft 3"92cmx190cm
3ft 6"x6ft 3"106cmx190cm
4ftx6ft 3"123cmx190cm
4ft 6"x6ft 3"138cmx190cm
5ftx6ft 6"153cmx198cm
5ft 6"x6ft 6"171cmx198cm
6ftx6ft 6"183cmx198cm
6ft 6"x6ft 6"198cmx198cm
7ft 6"x7ft230cmx213cm
3ftx6ft 6"90cmx200cm
4ft 6"x6ft 6"140cmx200cm
5ft 2"x6ft 6"160cmx200cm
5ft 9"x6ft 6"180cmx200cm
Bed Frame
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 7"x6ft 6"83cm x202cm
3ft 2"x6ft 6"98cm x202cm
3ft 7"x6ft 6"113cm x202cm
4ft 3"x6ft 6"130cm x202cm
4ft 8"x6ft 6"145cm x202cm
5ft 3"x6ft 9"160cm x210cm
5ft 8"x6ft 9"178cm x210cm
6ft 2"x6ft 9"190cm x210cm
6ft 8"x6ft 9"206cm x210cm
7ft 3"x7ft 5"222cm x229cm
7ft 8"x7ft 5"237cm x229cm
8ft 3"x7ft 5"252cm x229cm
9ft 3"x7ft 5"282cm x229cm
3ft 2"x6ft 9"98cm x210cm
4ft 9"x6ft 9"148cm x210cm
5ft 5"x6ft 9"168cm x210cm
6ft 2"x6ft 9"188cm x210cm
Bed Frame Sizes
Small Single Mattress Size: 2ft 6" (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 75cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 83cm (W) x 205cm (L)
Single Mattress Size: 3ft (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 90cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 98cm (W) x 205cm (L)
Petite Double Mattress Size: 3ft 6" (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 105cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 113cm (W) x 205cm (L)
Small Double Mattress Size: 4ft (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 122cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 130cm (W) x 205cm (L)
Standard Double Mattress Size: 4ft 6" (W) x 6ft 3" (L) < > 137cm (W) x 190cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 145cm (W) x 205cm (L)
King Size Mattress Size: 5ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 152cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 160cm (W) x 213cm (L)
Small Super King Mattress Size: 5ft 6" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 170cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 178cm (W) x 213cm (L)
Super King Mattress Size: 6ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 180cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 190cm (W) x 213cm (L)
Eastern King Mattress Size: 6ft 6" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 198cm (W) x 198cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 206cm (W) x 213cm (L)
Emperor Mattress Size: 7ft (W) x 7ft (L) < > 213cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 222cm (W) x 229cm (L)
Super Emperor Mattress Size: 7ft 6" (W) x 7ft (L) < > 228cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 237cm (W) x 229cm (L)
Caesar Mattress Size: 8ft (W) x 7ft (L) < > 244cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 252cm (W) x 229cm (L)
Super Caesar Mattress Size: 9ft (W) x 7ft (L) < > 274cm (W) x 213cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 282cm (W) x 229cm (L)
EU - IKEA Single Mattress Size: 3ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 90cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 98cm (W) x 215cm (L)
EU - IKEA Double Mattress Size: 4ft 6" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 140cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 148cm (W) x 215cm (L)
EU - IKEA King Mattress Size: 5ft 2" (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 160cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 168cm (W) x 215cm (L)
EU - IKEA Super King Mattress Size: 6ft (W) x 6ft 6" (L) < > 180cm (W) x 200cm (L) …………….... Actual Bed Size: 188cm (W) x 215cm (L)
Bespoke/Custom Sizes
Bespoke/Custom Sizes Custom sizes are available as all bed frames are handmade to order. For most alterations add £55* onto the nearest standard size and design.

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