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The White Knight Comes To The Rescue!

Student Cribs are the leading provider of student accommodation in the UK. Offering exceptional student accommodation in the best locations within 24 British cities, you'd be hard-pressed to find better student digs. So, when it came to Student Cribs' latest expansion they understandably wanted their beds to have the highest levels of quality, comfort and longevity possible. Which is why they came to Get Laid Beds.


Providing Solutions

With new developments in major cities across the UK such as Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter, Nottingham, Leicester and Leeds, Student Cribs needed a bespoke service that could accommodate diverse logistical challenges. Get Laid Beds had the solution, providing rapid manufacturing and delivery to eliminate the need for stock holding.

Student Cribs also needed a product to last a lifetime. While it’s no secret our beds look gorgeous, in the hands of students over many years quality and durability were also a must.

The Perfect Fit

Our 100% solid wood beds made a perfect fit; beautiful frames that matched the iconic Student Cribs aesthetic, whilst also being wear-resistant and long-lasting. Student Cribs agreed, saying “For us, the product is perfect; working with students, we need a bed which is practically bomb proof and we’ve found that with these beds.

A few years down the line and none of the beds we’ve ordered so far have broken, which just goes to show the high level of quality that is provided.”

17 Sizes, 17 Finishes

After browsing our extensive range of beds including over 30 designs, 17 sizes and 17 finishes, Student Cribs decided the White Knight Bed was to be the staple of their new accommodation expansion. Beautifully minimal, this classic frame blends in with any type of décor.

Exceptional design combined with incredible versatility, all our White Knight Beds are assembled using modular components making customer support, transport and aftercare a cinch.

Right Location, Right Time

Delivering over 900 beds to locations across the country, all on scheduled days that suited Student Cribs, brought its challenges. However, our logistical experts and White Glove delivery service rose to the occasion, and ensured that every bed arrived at the right location, at the right time, every time.

Not only that, with our Live Tracking service Student Cribs were also able to see accurate updates on the progress of their order.

What Student Cribs Had To Say

Student Cribs were incredibly impressed, saying “As usual, ordering our beds has been extremely straightforward given the quantity of beds we order per year. Together with Paul and Adam’s help, we’ve put together a streamlined process that allows us to keep our projects on track. We’ve especially appreciated the flexibility around production and delivery dates, allowing us to ensure that beds are delivered to site as and when they are required.”

But it wasn’t just Student Cribs’ purchasing team that were impressed; the project also resulted in “Lots of happy tenants enjoying their high-quality beds. And with the inclusion of wooden slats, lots of happy maintenance too, who can sort any issues out in the blink of an eye [...] there doesn't seem to be anything Get Laid Beds can’t do!”

If you are looking to furnish your latest developments, follow Student Cribs’ footsteps and contact one of our dedicated account managers today.

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