The Get Laid Beds Ultimate Guide to Buying a Four Poster Bed

By Jonathan Barradell 26 January 2023


Four poster beds are essentially the epitome of class and sophistication, with a rich and illustrious history spread across the globe, having been used by nobility, royalty and more from the moment of its conception to present day.

Four poster beds stand figuratively at the top of the bed world, with such a long history without change in basic structural composition. They’re a perfect centrepiece to any bedroom, even those with more modern and contemporary designs.

A brief history of 4 poster beds

The four poster bed was originally invented in Europe and was developed from more standard bed frames that were around at the time as wealthy noble-men and landowners wanting to show off their position within society. For this reason, beds were constructed far bigger and more flamboyant than ever before as individuals tried to outdo everyone else. Robust and expensive Hardwoods were often used and luxurious fabrics such as velvets and fine wools were draped over the bed posts.

Once only available to the very richest in society, the four poster bed is more accessible than ever, but it has still managed to retain its allure and sense of luxury. They have been around in one form or another for over 800 years, creating the perfect centrepiece for bedrooms in all types of homes. Read more about the history of four poster beds

Our range of four poster beds

Our Low Four Poster Bed (pictured above) is a highly stylish bed frame and one of our personal favourites here at Get Laid Beds. This bed is a simple and elegant version of the classic English Four Poster Bed which dates back to the Tudor era. This Low Four Poster Bed is the King of Beds with its prestigious appearance, size and instant luxury factor.

Our Low Four Poster Bed has been updated to a more modern specification for maximum appeal through the use of simple design with clean lines to ensure an excellent statement to a modern or traditional home.

The Low Four Poster Bed has been designed to bring grandeur and that ‘wow’ factor to any bedroom and featuring a height of 2 metres, this frame is unlike any others within our range and is truly unique as we have brought down the resting height of the bed frame to make it closer to the ground.

Our Classic Four Poster Bed (pictured above) has been updated to a more modern specification for maximum appeal through the use of simple design with clean lines to ensure an excellent statement to a modern or traditional home.

This stunning classic Four Poster Bed is luxurious and modern, crafted by hand from the finest Scandinavian wood. It comes complete with a refined footboard for cleaner lines, bringing the décor and surrounding furniture into sharp focus. Each corner of this frame features gentle curves. These help to soften the appeal of the bed frame., creating a sleek and stylish design.

The Four Poster Country Bed (pictured above) is grand in appearance, with a tall stature, featuring block and vased turned pillars, with subtle extras details for a true bedroom centrepiece. With the added option of additional soft looking drapes, this luxurious extra can further enhance the incredible appearance of this beautiful bed frame. Carefully handmade by a team of experts and made in the heart of Britain, the Four Poster Country Bed is built to last.

The Four Poster Country Bed is lovingly handmade by carpentry experts here in the UK. Each individual bed frame goes through 19 different production stages to ensure quality is guaranteed. Our experienced craftsmen take great pride in their work, using traditional methods such as Mortise and Tenon joints, a technique that delivers quality and sturdiness.

We’re always looking to bring new and innovative ideas to the market and our Outdoor Low Four Poster Canopy Bed (pictured above) does exactly this. This handmade bed frame can be placed outside, making it the ideal solution for relaxing by the pool. The Outdoor Four Poster Canopy Bed is also fully weather resistant, so you don’t need to worry about it being left out in adverse weather conditions.

Four Poster Beds were historically seen as a luxury and this outdoor bed certainly lives up to these qualities.

The Summer Four Poster Bed (pictured above) is one of our newest editions to the Four Poster range. It provides a modern feel fit for anyone looking for an excellent twist in their bedroom.

Our Summer Four Poster Bed carries a larger and deeper foot board giving you a more enclosed look and fit for your mattress and bedding, whilst also sitting lower to the ground allows you to have hidden under bed storage that is kept out of sight.

As with all our bed frames, our 4 poster beds can be made bespoke to fit your exact needs and most of our poster bed frames can be purchased in one of our 17 available colours or wooden finishes.

Some of our most popular choices though include:

Single four poster beds:

Double four poster beds:

King size four poster beds:

Oak four poster beds:

Black four poster beds:

White four poster beds:

How do you style a four poster bed?

Four Poster Bed Curtains

Our four poster bed curtains are an elegant and attractive accessory for our four poster beds. They’re handmade in a warm white colour using the finest materials to create a feature point of your bed frame. Our curtains can be used to add a layer of privacy to your bed frame while keeping your bedroom bright.

Four Poster Bed Drape

The soft four poster bed drape is subtle and perfect for adding an extra element of detail to any four poster bed. Our drapes are individually made in a beautiful warm white colour using traditional methods and the finest materials. The flow of the drape over a four poster bed is the perfect accessory.

Four poster bed storage solutions

You may choose one of our Handmade Underbed Storage Boxes, these are made to harmoniously match the style and colour of your Four Poster Bed. Provided in either half or three quarter sizes, they make for an excellent solution in which to store all of your loose miscellaneous items in. They can slot snuggly underneath your four poster bed frame, providing a practical yet stylish solution to your storage woes and allowing your four poster bed to take pride of place in your bedroom.

Also available are our elegantly designed accessories. Our durable Floating Shelf (pictured above) is a popular choice that’s easy to attach to the side of your wooden bed frame. It offers plenty of support and is the perfect place for those items you want close by your side such as an alarm clock or book.
Four poster beds take pride of place in any bedroom setting. They offer a prestigious touch that is tough to match. Why not take a look at our range of four poster canopy beds today and see how your new four poster bed can become the centrepiece of your dream bedroom.

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