How To Save Space In A Kids’ Bedroom Ahead Of The Summer Holidays

By Harry 10 June 2022


The warm, summer weather is quickly approaching and, while we’re looking forward to the longer days, BBQs and fun with friends and family, we know that, with the kids spending more time at home, it’s a guarantee that their bedrooms are about to become a messier space.

The best way around this is with plenty of storage and making the most of the space you have.

Of course, this might mean it’s time to redecorate, which in itself can be a fun summer activity to bond over with the kids. Encouraging their creativity and designing a new storage-savvy space together, is a win-win situation.

These are our top five kids’ bedroom ideas for making the most of storage to design a clutter-free children’s bedroom ahead of the summer.

1. Storage Beds

One of our top tips for making the most of your floor space is to go with a bed that serves a dual purpose. Our space saver beds are ideal for these situations, providing easy access to underbed storage that makes preparation for play both functional and tidy.

Alternatively, consider using an ottoman bed (pictured) for storing some of your children’s less used items. This kind of storage is more secretive than other bed designs, so is a great way of hiding away the things you need less regular access to like winter clothes, spare bedding, or less favourable toys.

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2. Build Up, As Well As Out

By making the most of vertical space, as well as horizontal, you will find that a bedroom may have far more space than you initially thought. Utilising height for storage means that you can keep anything that might need to stay out of reach, out of reach, while also creating more usable space for fun.

An easy way of achieving this is with the high loft sleeper bed (pictured). This bed will last more than just the summer; with the option for desk space underneath, this raised bed makes for an excellent arts and crafts table turned study space as your child gets older.

When it comes to children’s bedroom furniture for small spaces, you really can’t go wrong with this maximising choice.

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3. Bunk Beds

Continuing the idea of working upwards, as well as out, to make the most of the full room’s space, bunk beds are the ideal solution for how to divide a kids’ shared room. Not only do they take up the same amount of space as one bed, but everyone knows how fun bunk beds are for children!

Bedtime becomes fun with our modern bunk bed (pictured). While making sleep an exciting concept, these bunks also free up more floor space for other kinds of storage that can keep your children’s bedrooms organised over summer and beyond.

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4. Underbed Storage Boxes

If you opt for a classic bed rather than one with built-in storage, you can still make the most of the space underneath with convenient underbed storage boxes (pictured). This pull-out option makes it easy to store larger objects without ruining the room’s aesthetic.

There’s also the practical element that storage boxes don’t have to be neat inside; this ‘out of sight out of mind’ method of storage is organized and child-friendly without the necessity of neatness.

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5. Open Box Shelf Storage

Open shelving makes it easy to get things out and put them away. That means that younger children will find it easy to do their bit in keeping their bedroom tidy and to adopt the responsibility of caring for their own belongings.

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In a shared bedroom, you could opt for colour-coding different units to each child. Siblings can get possessive over what’s theirs. So, by having a designated space for their own belongings, your children may be more inclined to put things away of their own accord.

Create the Perfect Summer Bedroom with Get Laid Beds

Whatever your storage preference, start your kids’ summer bedroom design with one of our bespoke children’s beds today, or have a look at some more grown up storage solutions with these five under bed shoe storage ideas you’ll adore.

For more information about any of our products mentioned here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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