The Benefits of Hypoallergenic Mattresses for Allergy Sufferers

By Jemma 10 June 2022


The summer months are always havoc for the sleep schedules of allergy sufferers, and having the wrong mattress certainly doesn’t help.

Your mattress and bedding hold pollen and dust that settles on it, so it’s important to keep them clean, particularly during summer. The best way to combat this is with a hypoallergenic mattress.

Why Buy a Hypoallergenic Mattress?

Hypoallergenic mattresses are, as the name suggests, the best mattresses for allergies. They are tightly packed and sealed with specifically chosen materials that resist against organisms that typically cause allergies, such as dust or pollen.

Dust mites thrive in our beds because we shed skin and lose moisture naturally through the night, but a hypoallergenic mattress prevents them from breaking into the mattress.

Whether you’re looking for the best mattress for a dust mite allergy, pet hair, or hey fever, it’s likely that a hypoallergenic mattress would be beneficial to your comfort and the amount of sleep you get per night.

What is the Best Hypoallergenic Mattress?

Aside from the hypoallergenic aspect, choosing a mattress should come down to whichever is the most comfortable for you, personally. The best hypoallergenic mattress is the one that has the right firmness, size and properties for your sleeping style.

Here’s a rundown of the hypoallergenic mattresses we offer at Get Laid Beds, so you can decide which is the best hypoallergenic mattress for you.

Pocket 1,000 Mattress

The pocket 1,000 mattress has 1,000 individual springs that are spread evenly across the mattress, with weight spread evenly across the bed. It’s hand tufted, has a medium/firm comfort level, air vents, handles, and a 3-year guarantee because we’re so confident in its design.

Pocket 2,000 Mattress

Twice the springs means twice the comfort! The pocket 2,000 mattress is best for couples as the springs are smaller, and therefore more evenly distributed throughout the mattress. We offer a 100-day free sleep trial on this particular hypoallergenic mattress because we’re so confident with the way we’ve developed it over the years.

Classic Memory Foam Mattress

Is memory foam hypoallergenic? In this instance, yes. As you sink into our classic memory foam mattress, it will hold you in place and minimise your movement throughout the night, therefore minimising the risk of aggravating your joints.

If you’re looking for support when you sleep, as well as a hypoallergenic mattress, this could be the one for you.

Pocket 2,000 Memory Mattress

This mattress is a great combination of the above; the pocket springs contour your body for the best support, and the memory foam element adds padding to benefit your joints and back.

Another one of our 100-day free sleep trial participants, the pocket 2,000 memory mattress has a medium firmness level, handles, is hand tufted, and of course has a 3-year warranty.

Pocket 1,000 Vegan Friendly Mattress

Our vegan mattress has a soft/medium comfort level so is ideal for those looking to sink a little more into their mattress. Filled with a combination of components that includes recycled plastic, this mattress falls under our comfortable pocket 1,000 line.

For those who are environmentally conscious, this vegan mattress will provide that extra bit of sound sleep when you know you’re sleeping on an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic mattress with a 5-year warranty.

Luxury Latex Foam Mattress

This latex mattress is made of a breathable material that helps reduce perspiration during sleep. It has a medium firmness, and the latex offers full body support for comfortable sleep.

Typically more responsive than memory foam, this latex mattress is one of our favourites, so it comes with a 5-year warranty just like the pocket 1,000 vegan mattress.

Find Your Perfect Mattress with Get Laid Beds

The best mattress for allergy sufferers is certainly a hypoallergenic one. With our vast range of mattresses at Get Laid Beds, we’re sure to have one that fits your requirements.

For more information on how to get started designing your bespoke bedframe and mattress combination today, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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