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When Function Meets Style: Choosing the Perfect Storage Bed

By Jonathan 21 October 2020


In 2017, there were around 1,500 self-storage sites across the UK. And 27% of those who use them say it's because they've run out of space at home.

If you're one of these people, don't resort to self-storage units just yet. This option can be costly in the long-run, plus you're far away from your possessions.

Instead, you should maximise on space with a storage bed! In this article, we'll show you what storage beds are available so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

Our wooden storage beds can be made to fit any size room and any size or shape sleeper. Our most popular options include:

Single storage beds: Perfect for smaller rooms or even as a child’s storage bed.

Small double storage beds: Slightly smaller than a double bed, these storage beds are perfect for spare rooms.

Double storage beds: Our most popular size, these storage beds are ideal for couples of single sleepers who like to have extra space to themselves.

King size storage beds: Beds made for a king, of king size storage beds give your primary bedrooms the royal treatment.

Super king storage beds: Measuring in at 6' x 6'6" our super king size beds really make a statement and provide enough under bed storage space to suit any home.

With 17 finish or colour options to choose from, you are sure to find the ideal wooden bed with storage to suit your decor. Our popular choices include Oak storage beds, black storage beds, grey storage beds and white storage beds.

Ottoman Storage Bed

An ottoman storage bed works just like a regular ottoman stool does. But instead of a cushion on top, there are solid wooden slats with your bed on top. While you can get a headboard with this bed, no headboard is an option as well for those who want simplicity.

You swing open the hinged slatted mattress base to reveal plenty of storage underneath. And when you're done putting in or taking things out, simply lower the base down and everything is nice and hidden. This is ideal if you don't want visitors to know that your bed doubles as storage space.

Our ottoman beds can be sized to meet your needs, but some of our most popular choices include single ottoman bed frames, double ottoman bed frames and king size ottoman bed frames.

Platform Bed

The platform bed elevates your mattress far off the ground. This allows you to get plenty of storage space underneath. You can either have wooden drawers made to match your wooden bed or purchase plastic boxes to put below.

We also have a platform storage bed that has a solid frame to the floor if you want less exposed space.

The platform bed is good for larger beds, such as a double platform bed or king size platform bed. This type of storage bed with drawers can add just the modern touch you need to your bedroom.

Four Poster Bed

Do you prefer to have a storage bed frame that's quite impressive? Then you should consider the four poster bed.

It's similar to the platform bed since you can have storage underneath. Again, you can choose between custom wooden drawers or you can purchase your own plastic boxes.

But what makes this bed spectacular are its four posts that look simple yet make a bold statement. This type of bed can also add a modern touch to your bedroom.

You can keep it simple by leaving it the way it is or you can add some drapes and curtains for a more personal and softer touch.

Storage Boxes

We touched upon storage boxes above, so you might be curious about what's available for you.

We at Get Laid Beds have several sizes, and all slide on wheels:

  • 1/2 box (87x59cm)
  • 3/4 box (124x59cm)
  • Storage bed box (139x59cm)
  • Full box (184x59cm)

We also have a wide variety of finishes available so you can not only match the storage boxes to your bed, but also your existing decor!

Get a Stylish and Comfortable Storage Bed Today

As you can tell by this article, there is a range of choices when it comes to picking a storage bed.

From ottoman to four poster beds, you have so many options that'll not only upgrade your bedroom's aesthetics, but also give you some extra storage space.

Find out more about how you can also utilise under the bed with storage boxes with our handy blog.

No matter which one you desire, you can count on Get Laid Bed to have the best one for you. Every bed is made to order by hand, plus you'll get an 11-year guarantee!

Make the most of your bedroom by getting a beautiful storage bed for your home. Browse our selection now!

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