Ideal Bed Frames For A Minimalist Bedroom

beds for minimalist bedrooms

Minimalist bedroom designs are becoming increasingly popular. Taking inspiration from Japanese bedroom styles, making your room as spacious as possible is a goal that everybody strives for. One of the most effective ways to give your bedroom more of a minimalist feel is to replace your bulky bed with a bed that is designed to save space.

Why Choose A Minimalist Bed Frame?

If your bedroom is particularly short on space, you will be looking for tactical ways to utilise your bedroom space. So it will be unlikely that you want a large clunky bed taking up valuable room. This is what inspired us to create our Space Saver Bed collection. Our space saver beds are designed so that your mattress sits on top of the wooden frame instead of inside it, freeing up additional space. No matter whether you have an attic or loft bedroom, we are sure to have the perfect wooden bed frame for you.

Handcrafted Low Beds

Our collection of low bed frames is the epitome of minimalism and space-saving. The contemporary design these bed frames provide an exceptional level of comfort, as well as saving space in your bedroom. Some of our most popular bed frames from this collection are our Low Modern Attic Bed and the Low Loft Bed (Space Saver). Both of these wooden bed frames were designed with the purpose of fitting into attic/loft bedrooms that have a restrictive ceiling height.

Platform Bed Frames

Platform Beds are a modern solution to bedroom space utilisation. Platform bed frames are unique as they do not feature a headboard, this makes them an ideal choice for awkward bedroom spaces. Our Platform Bed (Space Saver) combines the style of our platform bed range with the unique features of our space saver beds.


We have a vast array of handmade wooden bed frames that are designed for minimalist bedrooms. Our space saver bed range is the ideal category for those that are looking for a bed that isn’t going to take up too much space in your bedroom.

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