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Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saver)

Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saver)
Black (Satin Stain) Finish
Mattress Not Included
Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saver)
Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saver)

Shoreditch Platform Bed (Space Saver)


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Always 100% solid wood. Select between softwood or hardwood where the structural integrity is unparalleled for both.

Coffee BeanSolid Timber
Honey SatinSolid Timber
Red ForestSolid Timber
CinnamonSolid Timber
BlackSolid Timber
Warm WhiteSolid Timber
NaturalSolid Timber
Grey WashSolid Timber
UntreatedSolid Timber
OakSolid Hardwood
CherrySolid Hardwood
MapleSolid Hardwood
BeechSolid Hardwood
AshSolid Hardwood
WalnutSolid Hardwood
SapeleSolid Hardwood

All our beds are available in any Colour,

in any Size and all fully customisable.

Coffee Bean
Honey Satin
Red Forest
Warm White
Grey Wash

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The wooden Shoreditch Platform bed frame is the newest bed in both our floating range of wooden beds and our platform range of handmade beds. Designed to bring an air of mystery to your bedroom, our Shoreditch Platform wooden bed has an inset frame, creating an entrancing floating effect. It’s a modern design combined with the Japanese traditional sleeping style of a low bed, that provides comfort and quality of sleep you just can’t get from other bed designs. We pride ourselves in the quality of each of our handmade wooden beds, and our experienced and skilled craftsmen are thrilled to announce this latest innovative design.
Why The Shoreditch Platform Bed Is For You
The wooden Shoreditch Platform Bed frame's lack of headboard and height puts it on par with the Get Laid Beds space saver range. Able to squeeze right up against the wall, the Shoreditch Platform Bed will allow you to optimise the use of your available floor space, and the height of it may even allow you to create some stylish, innovative storage above the bed. If you’re a fan of fantasy, then the Shoreditch Platform wooden bed frame is for you. In addition to this, because of the Shoreditch Platform wooden beds’ magical design, you’re now less likely than ever to be caught catching your feet, or stubbing your toes on the legs of the bed.. An inset frame means the legs are considerably more central, underneath the frame itself. It’s this combination of innovative design features which make the Low Shoreditch Platform handmade wooden bed frame so great - In designing this bed, we’ve not only reduced tripping hazards, but also improved available floor space.
Custom Options For Your Handmade Bed
As with all Get Laid Beds beds, the Shoreditch Platform Bed is available in all of our sizes and a diverse variety of 18 different solid timber finishes. Choosing the right finish can be crucial to completing a room, and although every finish suits every setting, choosing the right one for you is important. There’s 10 luxury satin stain finishes for our Solid Scandinavian Pine, and if you’re looking for an extra added luxury, consider one of our 8 Solid Hardwoods. The Low Shoreditch Platform bed suits a white satin stain finish for our Solid Scandinavian Pine perfectly. This wooden bed frame comes with an 11 year guarantee. The Get Laid Beds range of bespoke, handmade beds are available for 48 hour delivery in the UK, and can also be shipped worldwide. For a mere £75, all of our beds can be easily altered to suit the measurements you need. We guarantee your bed for the full 11 years, no matter what the alteration, we will ensure your Get Laid Beds bed will be a high quality, reliable product.
Similar Wooden Bed Designs 
The wooden Shoreditch Platform Bed frame takes inspiration from the wooden Shoreditch Bed frame and adds a hint of customisation to it. As with the wooden Shoreditch Bed frame it's very similar to the handmade Low Loft Bed and the Floating Bed frame alike. It has a floating appearance but shorter legs than  the floating platform. However, there is an altered element of this bed frame. The wooden Shoreditch Platform Bed frame does not include a headboard, which makes it considerably more reminiscent of the floating platform bed, instead of the floating bed and the low loft bed frame. It does however maintain the same qualities as the low loft bed in the height of its legs. It stands at an identical height to the wooden Shoreditch Bed frame.
Please note mattressesbedding and underbed storage boxes are not included with the bed frame. These can be purchased separately.


Please be aware that our Floating style bed frames are designed in a way to ensure the end of the slats can not be seen like in the images above.  For this reason you will be sent a set of slats that are in similar width to the bed frame but one size smaller.  Please note the sizing chart shows the width sizes of the bed frame with the mattress in place.  The mattress is designed to exceed and overhang the slats width by around 3 inches to give the floating effect whilst maintaining stability. 



Mattress rests on slats at 32.5cm high off the floor


Bed Size
2ft 6" Small Single
3ft Single
3ft 6" Petite Double
4ft Small Double
4ft 6" Standard Double
5ft King Size
5ft 6" Small Super King
6ft Super King
6ft 6" Eastern King
7ft Emperor
7ft 6" Super Emperor
8ft Caesar
9ft Super Caesar
EU Single 90 x 200cm
EU Double 140 x 200cm
EU King 160 x 200cm
EU Super King 180 x 200cm
Mattress Size
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 6" x6ft 3" 76cmx190cm
3ftx6ft 3"92cmx190cm
3ft 6"x6ft 3"106cmx190cm
4ftx6ft 3"123cmx190cm
4ft 6"x6ft 3"138cmx190cm
5ftx6ft 6"153cmx198cm
5ft 6"x6ft 6"171cmx198cm
6ftx6ft 6"183cmx198cm
6ft 6"x6ft 6"198cmx198cm
7ft 6"x7ft230cmx213cm
3ftx6ft 6"90cmx200cm
4ft 6"x6ft 6"140cmx200cm
5ft 2"x6ft 6"160cmx200cm
5ft 9"x6ft 6"180cmx200cm
Bed Frame
WidthxLength WidthxLength
2ft 5"x6ft 2"76cm x187cm
2ft 5"x6ft 2"76cm x187cm
2ft 10"x6ft 2"91cm x187cm
3ft 5"x6ft 2"108cm x187cm
4ft 0"x6ft 2"123cm x187cm
4ft 5"x6ft 4"138cm x195cm
5ft 0"x6ft 4"153cm x195cm
5ft 6"x6ft 4"170cm x195cm
6ftx6ft 4"183cm x195cm
6ft 5"x6ft 9"199cm x209cm
7ft 1"x6ft 9"215cm x209cm
7ft 6"x6ft 9"232cm x209cm
8ft 6"x6ft 9"262cm x209cm
2ft 5"x6ft 4"76cm x195cm
4ft 0"x6ft 4"123cm x195cm
4ft 8"x6ft 4"147cm x195cm
5ft 6"x6ft 4"170cm x195cm

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